Kavle Consulting

Track record

Conducted landscape analyses of facilitating factors and barriers to young children’s diets, 6-23 months of age, in six focus countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA).  The landscape work consisted of DHS descriptive analyses, literature review for peer-reviewed and grey literature from the past 10 years, key informant stakeholder interviews with countries, and a desk review of country policies, strategies and programs. Developed nutrition content and messages for cell phone application for the EECA region, that was deployed during COVID-19, and included content on COVID-19 and breastfeeding, complementary feeding, and child growth, tailored to the cultural context of the region and based on latest global guidance and evidence. This work culminated into:

  • 1 technical report, 1 regional policy brief and 6 country policy briefs
  • A webinar on  “Mitigating the Impact of COVID-19 on Child Nutrition” https://www.jhsph.edu/alumni/attend-an-event/spotlight-series/spotlight-series-with-justine-kavle  with Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, that featured the development of a cell phone application for parents, the need for rapid deployment of key information to parents to dispel misperceptions around infant and young child nutrition (IYCN) due to COVID-19, and the translation of global recommendations on IYCN and COVID-19 to the unique context of countries in the region

Contributed to 5.2 million children reached with nutrition interventions in 11 sub-Saharan African and 2 Latin America & Caribbean countries

Led teams to develop:

  • 14 country guidelines, strategies, and policies for nutrition
  • 12 peer-reviewed publications
  • 14 technical briefers and reports
  • 10 materials for social behavior change
  • 6 global guidance materials

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Contributed to success in nutrition in 5 countries in sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East


  • 11 technical briefers and reports
  • 4 peer-reviewed publications
  • 3 country-based SBCC materials

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Leadership in monitoring and evaluation for scale-up activities contributed to:

  • 7 operations research studies examining the scale-up of
    family planning

  • 5 in sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America

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